eFriends Energy

The Austrian startup eFriends Energy strives for an energy turnaround using a revolutionary electricity sharing technology. In close cooperation with the client community we have strategically developped the brand and its communication concept. Together with the eFriends and their ever growing community we are now gradually implementing the brand on the target market.

New logo with claim
New corporate design concept
New brand / explainer video
Outbound/inbound arrows symbolising energy sharing
New brand claim
New website |
Sun Facts: The brand as a troubleshooter
Community branding
Crowdfunding campaign support
Key visuals with strong core messages
Project sales sheets
Brand and sales brochure
Social media campaigns
Brand and sales brochure
Core messages focus on technology and mission
Energy sharing in the countryside: Arrow pattern
Trade fair marketing visuals
Brand and sales brochure
Energy sharing in the city: Arrow pattern
Merchandising and GiveAways with a strong brand connection